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April...Florida Trip (3/28/06 - 04/04/06)...

Dcp_5523.jpg (746495 bytes)  Dcp_5533.jpg (788993 bytes)  Dcp_5530.jpg (659947 bytes)  Dcp_5538.jpg (107067 bytes)  Dcp_5541.jpg (546025 bytes)  Dcp_5543.jpg (313321 bytes)  Dcp_5547.jpg (352730 bytes)  Dcp_5553.jpg (599263 bytes)  Dcp_5562.jpg (648100 bytes)  Dcp_5563.jpg (642764 bytes)  Gatorland Zoo  Going To Captiva Island  Dcp_5604.jpg (667725 bytes)  Dcp_5605.jpg (606600 bytes)  At Captiva, Looking for Sheels  Fishing with Uncle Mike  Dcp_5629.jpg (861884 bytes)  Dcp_5638.jpg (769992 bytes)  Dcp_5644.jpg (742394 bytes)  Dcp_5645.jpg (556533 bytes)  Madison at Seussland  The Girls at Seussland  Dcp_5668.jpg (501861 bytes)  Dcp_5674.jpg (1166590 bytes)  With the Florida Cousins

Easter Time in Colorado...

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May, June and July...

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August, September...

at the Rez  At Winter Park  Camping at Lake Grandby  hummingboids  Lake Grandby camping  Rocky Mountain National Park  RMNP  Estea Park Cabins with Sophie  With Sophia  In Taos  Food Market in Taos  Kit Karson Park  tennis lessons for Cadence  SportsCamp  FireStationBdayParty  MadisonSwimLessons  DaZoo  At the Zoo  Cadence Fishing  Madisons Bday  Happy Birthday Madison!  Puppet Show Party!  A beaurtiful birthday girl!  Brainard Lake Fishing  Brainard Lake Fishing  Fishing at the Lake  RMNP and Estes Park Cabins  RMNP  1st day of school!  Madisons very first day of school  after the first day


Cadence is Five!  Camping Party  Funny Faces  School Hike  School Hike with Friends  An Elk at Sunrise  Special Day  Sisters at Halloween  On top o pumpkins  List that Pumpkin  Paint a pumpkin nite  Hey lookey here!  Halloween at Mountainview

November, December

Cadence With Toad  On Fall Hike  With Ashley on Thanksgiving Hike  Christmas Picture Time  We can use this picture for cards  2 big snow storms the week of christmas  fun in the snow  tunneling  Making gingerbread houses  Making another g-bread house with oma  Christmas day!  Getting ready to try new sleds  taming the hill  look no sled!  the hard part...going up hill  good times!  skating on new years eve!  skating to end 2006 2007 or back to cover